Traffic Analysis & Phantom Traffic Investigation

As always, we continue to search out new ways to provide useful information to our clients in order for them to make the best choices in an ever-changing industry. FWA utilizes Tekno Telecom, LLC. equipment that provides us with the ability to analyze all originating and terminating SS7 traffic that is associated with our client's telephone network. This detailed SS7 information collected on a 7 X 24 timeframe that can be synchronized to match your CABS billing cycle, provides FWA with the ability to identify traffic and in most cases those carriers that are utilizing the client's network and not paying for it - this Phantom traffic is a growing concern as new carriers enter the industry and competitive markets expand. Using FWA's proprietary software, the detailed SS7 data can be analyzed at several different levels of detail and can be customized to evaluate specific data (Looking at calls to and from certain nearby town/s, or calls to or from a particular type of carrier - CLEC, ISP, Wireless, RBOC, etc.).

Analysis of Tekno data has several applications, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying carriers that are using your network, perhaps without benefit of compensation - Phantom Traffic
  • Interconnection Agreements with wireless carriers and others. FWA can determine balance of traffic factors for use in establishing settlement / compensation amounts
  • Analyzing, creating and developing expanded calling plans for your subscribers.
  • Obtaining actual traffic data to help in resolving disputes and/or administering terms of agreements with other carriers. This would include PIU disputes with Interexchange Carriers as well as various types of interconnection arrangements.

We have included a few samples of some of the reports that can be generated. If you have any questions or comments regarding how this information can assist your company, please call.

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