Management Consulting

  • Cost/revenue analysis and management
  • Preparation, negotiation and arbitration of CMRS and CLEC interconnection agreements
  • Financial forecasting
  • Central office upgrades and Fiber optic projects
  • Exchange acquisitions
  • Strategic planning
  • Analysis of facility upgrades and feasibility

Jurisdictional cost analysis and settlement studies

  • Cost allocation studies
  • Business decision support studies
  • Traffic analysis including usage studies
  • Monthly reporting and results monitoring
  • Tariff/pricing studies and analysis
  • Settlement forecasting

Record systems

  • Compliance with FCC Mandated Uniform System of Accounts
  • Continuing property records
  • Inter/Intra-company cost allocation, regulated/non-regulated

State and federal legislative advocacy and representation

  • Expert testimony
  • Federal and state docket filings
  • Impact analysis
  • Legislative package development

Evaluation of development opportunities and potential ventures

  • Broadband (video and data)
  • CLEC
  • Wireless / PCS
  • Cable
  • Other emerging services
  • Business valuation

Rate and tariff development

  • Development of cost-based rates
  • Planning, revenue projections and cost allocations
  • Filing support, including exhibits and testimony
  • Approval support, federal and state
  • Development of expanded calling plans
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