The future

An abundance of ever-changing options. No different than their urban counterparts, a large number of rural America's homes have a computer and use the Internet. Likewise, small community businesses such as banks, farms and stores, as well as schools and libraries, rely heavily on Internet and data communication services. In the future, these rural customers will likely have increased service provider options to choose from as well as an expanding menu of technological services from which to select.

FWA knows the changing needs of the rural telecom consumer that present opportunities for the latest enhanced services. The Company is focused on customer needs and increased revenues for each FWA client. Evaluation of development opportunities for the future include video and data broadband, CLEC, wireless/PCS, cable and other emerging services. With FWA as a partner, future options are a phone call or email away, saving each rural telco research time that can be better utilized in sales and on time service.

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