FWA, Inc.

121 E. College St.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012
Voice: 918.298.1618
Fax: 918.299.2569


Paul Cooper, Director of Regulatory Affairs
E-mail: pcooper02@earthlink.net
Cell: 314.630.7531

Tim Morrissey, President
E-mail: tmorrissey@fwainc.com
Cell: 314.605.9220

Jason Palmer, Vice President
E-mail: jpalmer@fwainc.com
Cell: 918.519.6002

Thomas Neal, Senior Project Consultant
E-mail: tneal@fwainc.com
Cell: 918.636.6890

Bob Forsythe, Project Consultant
E-mail: bforsythe@fwainc.com
Cell: 918.277.9976

Will Mosley, Project Consultant
E-mail: wmosley@fwainc.com
Cell: 918.899.8050

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